Vitrified Clay Pipe Gasket

General Application:

STONEWARE gasket is used for sewerage purpose in domestic and industrial area in municipal region, It is a low pressure pipeline where Industrial waste water, rain water, domestic waste water and public discharge water is drained out.

Material Specifications & Quality Assurance

  • Gasket materials complies in all respects with physical requirements specified in ASTM C 425-04 / EN 681-1 STD.
  • This standard confirms for pipe joint system of ASTM-1208, NBR etc, are used according to its applications.
  • Superior quality synthetic rubber materials like SBR, EPDM, BS-EN-295 / IS:651
  • Application: Sewage/Drainage vitrified clay pipe joint sealing


  • Facilitates longer pipe length
  • Lesser number of pipes per unit length
  • Gasket assembly is possinble at pipe manufacturer's end
  • Pipe breakage is less during assembly
  • Faster laying of pipes
  • Quick and hassle free installation
  • Labour cost is less than conventional method
  • Pipe can accomodate ground movement due to flexible design of the joint

Gasket Fitting Procedure

  • Step #1
    Clean the spigot end with brush & cloth
  • Step #2
    Apply PRABHAT recommended rubber adhesive on the socket
  • Step #3
    Insert the Stoneware gasket in socket
  • Step #4
    Adhesion test
  • Step #5
    Bring the spigot and socket in line
  • Step #6
    Push the spigot to the position

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