Restrained Joint (Posit) Gaskets
for Cast Iron/Ductile Iron Pipe Joint Sealing

Pressure Rating Details:

Hydraullic pressure test shall withstand an internal, pressure rated
1) 3" to 12" is 350 psi.
2) 14" to 24" is 250 psi.

Material Specifications

  • Gasket materials complies in all respects with physical requirements specified in "ANSI/AWWA C111/A 21.11.00/UL-194/NSF-61"
  • Superior quality synthetic rubber materials like SBR / EPDM.
  • Application : Cast Iron or Ductile Iron Pipe Joint Sealing


  • High Pressure Gasket
  • Restrained Joint Gasket
  • 100% leak proof seal
  • Pipe can accomodate ground movement due to flexible design of the joint
  • Gasket prevents Thrust Force Movement
  • Intermittent jerk of water during use is absorbed by the gasket

Unique Features

  • Custom Engineered Design

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